8 Effective Display Ideas You Can Apply in Your Store

8 Effective Display Ideas You Can Apply in Your Store

How do you promote a slow-moving product in your store? The secret lies in setting up an attractive product display that will attract the attention of customers. 

Retail displays play an important role in driving attention and conversions in brick-and-mortar businesses. Since humans process much information through their sense of sight, it makes sense to set up a visual merchandising that is unique and attractive.

Have you ever thought about why most people prefer to shop in a physical store? Human beings are highly visual and would want to see the product physically before purchasing. This explains why you should design a winning display for your store. The good news is that you can get a retail display that matches your business needs and preferences by contacting a local trade show company. These firms custom build displays for retailers. 

Here are some display ideas you may want to try out in your store. Hopefully, they will inspire your retail design efforts and make you have a winning business. 

1.  Let Your Customers Touch and Feel Your Products

In most cases, people prefer to shop in a physical store instead of an eCommerce store. This is partly because physical stores allow them to touch and feel items in person.

But how do you encourage your customers to touch your products? Consider using purchase displays that will urge potential buyers to touch and feel the merchandise. Take your products out of the boxes and make sure they are not locked in shelves. 

2.  Cross-Merchandise Your Products

Cross-merchandising is a technique that’s immensely effective in increasing the order value per customer. This marketing tactic encourages customers to buy products that go with their primary purchase.

Examples of cross-merchandising include putting products that go together, for instance, create a display with a shirt, pair of trousers, and matching sneakers.

3.  Have Something for the Kids

Is your display kid-friendly? Are you dealing with Gen X and Millenial consumers? Create a display that is safe for the kids and that attracts them to look at your products.

For instance, if you are selling Lego, you can set up a mini-figure station to keep the kids absorbed and let them experience the Lego you are selling.

4.  Using Plants

You want an easy and affordable way to breathe life into your retail display? Then you may want to consider trying plants. Plants will not just create an attractive display but also allow for a clean, healthier shopping environment. 

A clean environment will not just make customers comfortable but increase their stay at your store as well. 

What’s more, plants will go along way in purifying the air as well as increasing the indoor air quality. They will also absorb sounds thus reducing noise pollution.

5.  Teach Buyers About Your Products Using Displays

Are your products self-explanatory? If not, you can use your displays to educate the buyers about your product. You can make a quick note about each product: what is it, how it is used, and the benefits one can get after using it. 

Most customers will find this helpful and will more than willing to buy from your store. 

6.  Take Advantage of Technological Advancements

How can you showcase your full product lines without jamming your racks? 

Using technology may be your answer. Many shops with limited space choose to display only a portion of their product inventory in-store. The good thing about such stores is that they allow customers to shop their complete items list through a touch-screen display.

Incentivize customers to give their email addresses by offering a special discount. The email makes it easy to capture the customer’s in-store details. You can also advertise your product by sending promotional emails. 

7.  Stock Seasonal Products

You can use timely stocking to win customers. Check at your retail calendar and ensure that your products are in line with the current shopping trends. 

For instance, during back to school season, you can convert an entire section of your store to sell school supplies and related products. You can discount products to ensure that you get as many customers as possible. To attract the attention of buyers, install large attractive back-to-school displays.  

8.  Upcycling

You can also use old materials to create something new. This way, you’ll not just save money but create an out-of-the-box retail display as well. For instance, you can convert old chairs into shelves that you can use for displaying your products. 

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