Different Types of Emergency Loans


People can apply for emergency loans via the websites of financial companies. They can help you in your time of trouble. Emergency loans are provided on short notice. Emergency loans are of different types. They are mainly categorized based on their terms and conditions, their interest rate, and the credit of the borrower. 

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There are different types of emergency loans. They are either unsecured personal loans, or credit card advances, or payday loans. 

The benefit of an emergency loan is that the cash gets transferred to your account in a maximum of one to two business days. You should read the agreement carefully before applying for an emergency loan.

 Emergency loans can help you in repairing your damaged car or getting your home renovated. You can use emergency loans to pay your medical bills. The interest rates offered by emergency loans are very affordable. And the best thing about emergency loans is that you can apply via the website. Online financial companies provide emergency loans on very easy terms and conditions. Here is a guide to give you an understanding of the different types of emergency loans.

Personal Loans

If you have good credit, you can get an unsecured loan. Personal unsecured loans are installment loans. You can get this loan in emergencies. These emergency loans are a far better option than credit card cash advances. Lenders usually set a fixed period; you have to pay this loan over this time. Another benefit of getting a personal loan is that you don’t need to borrow a large amount of energy. Many lenders fix a specific amount of money, and you are not allowed to borrow money less than that. In case you want a personal loan, you can withdraw your desired amount of money.

Credit Card Advance

This loan is for the owners of credit cards. Banks offer loans to the users based on the amount of money in their credit card. These loans are not usually advised as the interest rates are very high. Sometimes, the beholder of the credit card keeps on transacting money without even agreeing to the terms and conditions of the credit card advance. This may cause a financial crisis as the interest rates are very high. The banks start applying the interest rate of the loan on the day you transact the loan. These loans are not suitable for people.

Payday Loans

These loans are not paid in installments. You have to repay these loans in a single installment. These loans are for those persons who are financially well-off but have run short on their budget due to some unforeseen events. They get this loan by claiming that they will repay it when they get their next pay. Payday loans are very beneficial, but they also introduced a new term for lenders and borrowers that is a debt trap. If you are not able to pay back your loan somehow, you will have to apply for another loan and then another, and then another. This may lead to a serious financial crisis.

Other Forms

Some other forms of emergency loans include pawnshop loans and title loans. Title loans are the ones in which you shift the title of one of your assets to the lender. The lender is considered the owner of your asset as long as you are not able to repay it or the decided period of the contract. The lender can possess your mortgage asset permanently if you are not able to pay your debt.

Another form of emergency loans known as pawnshop loans is the loans that are offered by assurance. You have to give any of your valuable assets to the lender for a specific time. The difference between pawnshop loans and title loans is that if you are willing to get a former one, you only have to give your asset as an assurance, and the title of your asset is not changed. Your asset is yours but is temporarily possessed by the lender.

More Options

If you are financially below average, many plans can help you save from crisis. If your medical bill is a burden on your budget, you can pay your bill in installments. If you are a student and your family is not able to pull along with your education expenses, you can go for an education plan offered by many states. Such plans allow you to pay money in installments without any interest rates or administration fees.

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