Financial documents checklist for USA immigration

Financial documents checklist for USA immigration
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When you decide to move to a new country, things can be daunting. You need a new home, a new language, a new set of cultural and societal understanding – and you need the right paperwork. In cases where immigrants into the US are turned away, this is vitally important.

The right financial documentation is needed to make your passage into the USA smoother. The border officials will want you to have certain documentation in your possession that tells them who you are.

There are two ways you can get your hands on a checklist for this information. The first is through this article, the second is from the professionals at Immigration Station. They can aid you through every step of the immigrating to America process, to make sure your application doesn’t fall through the cracks.

In the meantime, let’s review what your financial documents should include, in checklist form.

Why Do They Want Financial Information?

When you apply for a visa to the USA, or plan on living there under other circumstances, you quickly understand that the US government wants to know about your financial situation. The reason behind this probing is to ascertain whether or not you can support yourself, while you are in their country. They do not like to admit people who are likely to be a drain on the system.

It might be that you are married to a citizen, or that your spouse can attest to how much money you have access to while you are in the US. In this case, you will need a 1-864A contract from said spouse, that testifies to the fact that they provide enough money to support you.

If you are an applicant to US immigration, you need to fill in the 1-864 A under section 213A of the INA, whereas if you are a petitioner on someone’s behalf, you need the 1-864EZ under 213A of the act.

Don’t panic, we have put this into a simpler to read, checklist form, as below.

The Financial Documentation Checklist for US Immigrants

When you arrive in the US, border agents will expect you to have certain documents on your person. We put together this guide to the financial documents that ought to be at the top of any immigrant into the US’s list.

The financial documents you will need are (at a glance):

  • An Affidavit of Support, either 1-864 under section 213A of the INA, or as the 1-864EZ under section 213A of the Act.
  • Or a 1-864A contract between a spouse or family member and yourself.
  • The above must be filled in by each member of your household.
  • You may need your SSA Earnings Statement if you are exempt from filing financial documents.

As you can see, having your documents in order when you emigrate to the USA can drastically speed up your application.

All of this is a little on the complicated side, whether you are financially minded or not. If you struggle to do it by yourself, you can always call in an expert immigration lawyer to help you. There’s no shame in turning something difficult over to the professionals.

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