Forex Millionaires Stories: What they teach us?


You may have heard about Forex Stories, but do you know what this word means? Forex refers to foreign exchange, a global market for the exchange of national currencies with one another. There are many Forex stories, but becoming one overnight is a result of someone who had a plan, a mentor, a strategy, and who knew what he was getting into. Forex millionaire stories can inspire you and help you understand how to tackle something unknown or uncharted territory. Or maybe you have that knowledge, but you are not confident enough to take a leap of faith. We hope this article will help you realize how persistent you have to be for Forex.

​George Soros

George Soros is one of the most prosperous Forex traders of all time and is said to be “The man who broke the Bank of England.” The way he traded was unique, which made him gain a lot of profit, to the tune of more than one billion pounds. His strategy included buying things at a low rate and then selling them at a high rate. He was a witness to Black Wednesday. He was smart enough to make decisions depending upon the conditions, and hence people called him bold. He had a superlative quality; that was, he did not panic in any situation, be it tough or easy. As we all know, the market rises or falls depending on the situation. It leads to loss of money for many people in such a situation. Soros would focus on evaluating the market conditions impartially. We should keep in mind that being informed and consistent is one of the critical requirements for a trader to become more successful.

Stanley Druckenmiller

We can consider Stanley Druckenmiller as the partner of George Soros. He’s regarded as one of the best Forex traders when he was in charge of Duquesne Capital. His net worth was around $2 million. Druckenmiller always decided on saving and preserving capital. He always looked for a profitable trade. He always said that it’s best to have a fair amount of money, then trade further and finally test our strategy. He said that one should always keep in mind that you should make a plan allowing for contingencies before you start trading seriously.

Michael Marcus

Michael Marcus had the reputation of being one of the most significant currency traders. He mainly traded in Germany and managed to gain approximately $300 million German marks. He was also a founding member of the Commodities Corporation company. This man signifies the importance of having a mentor. At the time, the man who advised him was Ed Sekyota. He gave him all the knowledge he could, so he could continue making progress in his life as his disciple.


Many more such brilliant traders can inspire you. These traders have become an inspiration for all other traders to become billionaires just like them and succeed in their life. I hope this article has been a helpful one for your life in trading.

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