Step 1 in Preparing for Divorce: Take a Financial Assessment


Divorce filing is not the thing to be done straight after some on the spot decision. You should get a thorough preparation and do research before you pass on the divorce process itself. One of the most significant concerns is financial stability before, during, and after the divorce. No matter what way you choose to get divorced, your finances will be drained significantly almost for sure. That is why you should care about strong financial foundation long before you set to the divorce process to avoid and prevent real financial troubles with ease.

Gather Papers

If you plan to get and use OnlineDivorcer to proceed through the cheaper and faster divorce, it will be no difficulty for you to gather and organize financial papers as well. Here is the list of common financial documents you may need for divorce:

  • Yearly checking and saving account statements
  • Retirement account statements
  • Yearly investment account statements
  • Yearly ledgers for loans, covering mortgage, car loans, some personal loans, and more
  • Yearly credit card statements
  • List of separate and community assets and debts
  • Income tax returns for the past three years.

Once you manage to obtain all the papers, keep them neatly organized, and get to use them when needed in the divorce process. This will definitely make your divorce procedure shorter and cheaper, so it is worth your efforts in advance.

Analyze Your Financial Status

What may be more psychologically than physically difficult is to analyze and realize your real financial state. But overall, the process itself is not complicated at all. You need paper, a pencil, and two columns, to organize all your income and expenses in them. Once you list the thing you spend money on and sources you earn from, you can analyze your financial lifestyle and realize whether you are able to cover the divorce expenses and life of divorcee or not. More to this, it will help you to make the right decisions on waste reduction, altering your sources of income, and reorganizing your financial activities and strategies in general.

Care about Plan B

the divorce process and life afterward is not going to be financially easy. You are going to make multiple rearrangements and budget alterations to cope with financial changes and challenges without extra troubles. Even if you get divorce online, you are to go through decent expenses anyway. That is why it is vital to have some savings or active credit cards as ‘plan B’ funds for emergencies. Mind if you already have a credit account, but a joint one, you’d better get it split before the divorce, so that your offended spouse won’t have a chance to sabotage you financially. Open a separate credit account, work on your credit history bit by bit by making small purchases and paying them off in time, and feel more confident with a financial buffer at hand.

Make a Budget Draft

Even before you get to legal divorce forms, think thoroughly about your financial future.

Predict what expenses await you during and after the divorce process, and create an appropriate financial plan to cover all financial problems without obstacles. Visualize your budget and pin it to the fridge or save it to your smartphone so that you will be able to consult it and alter it when needed. Track your expenses, create some small targets and achieve them, follow your budget in general. The sooner you learn to be financial organized the easier it will be for you to adapt and cover financial challenges before and after the divorce.

Get Support

You shouldn’t isolate yourself and drawn in your financial troubles anyway. You have multiple variants where to get help from. First of all, a good financial consultant will help you to plan your budget effectively, assess your financial status, create the best strategies for the future, and back you up in any financial trouble. The same assistant can be found online, on similar divorce platforms you get divorce papers from. There you are to encounter useful articles and tips on how to organize your financial stability and prevent troubles. On top of that, emotional support is sometimes far more necessary, even in financial hurdles. So, be sure that you always have someone close at hand to be ready to listen, give good advice and support in harsh times.

Overall, the more you get prepared financially, physically, and emotionally before the divorce, the easier you will pass through the process and organize your life afterward. Put in decent efforts and aim to a happy future with no troubles.

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