Tips to hatch your career in insurance as LIC AAO officer

Candidates who want to serve in the insurance sector opt for the LIC AAO post. The Life Insurance Corporation of India recruits AAO (Assistant Administrative Officer). LIC AAO exam must not be taken lightly because out of 1000 only 1 manages to clear it. Every year they recruit more than 200 vacancies for AAO and AE posts. To get this position, brush up on your basic skills and LIC AAO Syllabus. Those who haven’t started their preparation must focus on their studies now. The insurance field is a very tricky job. If you have good networking skills, financial knowledge, and communication skills, this field is perfect for you. In LIC also, AAO recruits new insurance agents, provides training to them and files claims and settlements. As a student, if you want to flourish your career in this field, read this post to know the basic skills required in the insurance field.

Skills required to grow in the insurance sector

  1. Build your network

Your parents may have connected to at least one insurance professional via taking home insurance, life insurance, and others. If you are interested in this industry connect with them and ask questions about insurance. Branch out yourself, meet new connections and learn new things. You can attend free seminars and industrial visits on your campus. Although you may not get success in the first few attempts later on you will learn new things and meet new people to follow up. If industrial visits are not possible for you, check something for a student internship or trainee program.

  1. Focus on your career goal within the insurance sector

The insurance sector is vast ranging from agent to CEO level. Evaluate yourself to know at which position you can fit yourself. For LIC AAO posts you must possess skills like Data Interpretation, General Corporate Knowledge, Language, and Insurance & Financial Market Awareness. If you are meeting this parameter, then you are ready to sit on the LIC AAO chair.  If not, then better you start preparations with LIC AAO Previous Year Papers. Plot your career path before entering the insurance sector to flourish yourself in this field.

  1. Transfer your existing skills and experience to insurance

If you have problem-solving skills like customer services, counselor, or others, bingo! You are eligible to work in the insurance sector. Carrying professional experience will be the icing on the cake.  Experience in team management, bank deposit handling, regulating safety measures, proper documentation work, and others is good for promotions in the future. If you have performed well in the department as an AAO officer, you can be promoted to Assistant Branch Manager or Divisional Branch Manager post.

  1. Opt for certification courses

There are many short-term courses and resources to get knowledge about the insurance sector. You can visit online academic search engines or join coaching classes. Adding professional certification courses in your domain will boost your career. It will also make you the best in your department. Employers like LIC look for practical skills and domain knowledge. Clearing exams is the only way to reach your dream job. But if you want to sustain it, professionalism is required.

Final words

Upgrading skills and knowledge is required in every sector and insurance is no exception. If you want to attain a good position after the AAO post, you need to have the above-mentioned skills. As a student, you can practice this profession with your colleagues becoming part-time agents. To get industry insights, an agent position is a good option. You can continue this task along with your studies. The above-mentioned post jots down all essential skills required to flourish in the insurance sector. If you need promotion follow them.

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