Top 5 Tips To Grow Your Accounting Firm

The accounting process is the backbone of every business. According to Statista, the revenue of the accounting industry was forecasted to be 156 billion dollars in 2018.

However, in the recent past, the accounting industry has evolved from just keeping track of a company’s income to more advisory responsibilities such as forecasting the growth of the company. Moreover, the accounting firms are becoming more tech-savvy and realizing the role of new-age software tools and digital platforms in optimizing their accounting process.

The competition is immense in the accounting industry, with almost every accounting firm trying to hold its ground in the competitive market. You, too, would like to do the same for your accounting firm.

1.      Make Use Of Latest Technology

In the present age, technology is the main differentiator between the accounting firms. Gone are the days of manual data entry and paper-based accounting. Slowly but surely, everything related to accounting is going digital, bringing with new ways of operation.

There are various accounting software solutions available in the market that not only streamline the accounting process but also facilitates collaboration between all accounting-related tasks. They accomplish all accounting tasks like invoicing, billing, and payments. Moreover, the premier accounting software like QuickBooks and Sage also offer customers with different versions to satisfy each and every firm’s requirement, whether startups, SMBs, or enterprises.

Cloud is another technology that has helped firms in integrating flexibility and mobility into the accounting operations. The accountants can access their accounting software such as QuickBooks from anywhere at any time and share data with the clients on a common platform. Cloud empowers businesses to carry out operations on a global scale.

Other technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Big Data are also beneficial to accounting firms, enabling automation and better data insights.

Hence, every accounting firm should look to adopt these technologies into their accounting process. It is a learning curve for most firms, but once you get a grasp of it, these technologies can help in streamlining your accounting process.

2.      Take Care Of Your Existing Clients

Attaining new clients is essential for the growth of a business. However, what’s equally important is to be on good terms with your existing clients. The existing clients are ones that are bringing you all the business. Remember that it is easy to attain new clients but rather difficult to keep one around. With all the competitive firms surrounding you, the customers are bombarded with options.

Building a trusting relationship with clients ensures that they stay with you. The relationships should be personal in nature convincing the clients that you care for their business. For this, you should try to understand the client’s type of business, their goals, and pain points. Ask them about their expectations of your firm.

Moreover, you can send personal messages on notable events like birthdays or festivals. Once the clients trust your services, you can also look for upsell opportunities, offering them additional services.

Building strong relationships leads to a high client retention rate. Moreover, the clients are also inclined to refer you to their peers.

3.      Upskill Your Employees

Clients are the bloodline of any accounting firm. However, you must not forget that it is your employees that serve those clients. No customer can be happy with your services if the accountants lack the enthusiasm and skills to serve them well.

Hence, employee training is essential for any accounting firm to upskill employees with the latest developments in accounting. For instance, as the tax laws keep changing regularly, an accountant should in sync with all the tax laws.

Moreover, the employees should also be well-equipped with the latest technologies and how to utilize them to the fullest.

For this, you should conduct regular training programs from industry experts. The accountants should also be sent to events and seminars where they can get insights into customer experience and accounting trends.

4.      Analyze Your Services Regularly

To attain growth in the market, it is vital to keep analyzing your services with respect to the changing trends in the accounting industry. The accounting firms that do not evolve with time tend to falter as the clients expect better and flexible ways of operation.

Moreover, you should also have a clear understanding of the current state of the market. For instance, many accountants are making a move from being accountants to being trusted advisors for their clients. You should identify the demographic that you are catering to and try to expand your userbase.

5.      Focus On A Digital Presence

As with all other industries, the accounting industry is also affected by the power of the Internet. From startups to business powerhouses, everyone has a digital presence. Hence, it is imperative for you to stand out from others in the digital landscape.

For this, you can make use of various social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. Try to expand your userbase by posting valuable content like insights, news, and the latest trends in the forms of blogs, infographics, or videos.

Another key contributor in creating a social presence is having an interactive website for your accounting firm. The website should be easy to navigate while displaying all your services and pricing elaborately.

The digital platforms help in growing your firm by making your services open to global customers. Moreover, it builds trust among users that search for your services online.

Final Note

Achieving growth in your accounting firm also depends on your mindset. Are you willing to adopt the latest trends in accounting? Do you want to move to paperless accounting by embracing the digital platform? Do you want to give the best services to clients? Do you want to move to advisory roles and help clients grow their business?

Following the above tips will help you reach new heights by bringing efficiency and productivity into your accounting firm.

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