Top Online Accounting Courses 2020


This year will always be remembered. A lot has changed in 2020. The mode of learning and preparation for exams for students has changed and shifted from offline to online coaching institutes. Also all the organizations have shifted to work from home medium for the security of the employees. Keeping that in mind everybody is trying to be productive due to nationwide lockdown, but the question is, till when? Sooner or later, people’s will and enthusiasm will fade and in fact, it has already started taking a toll on their concentration. Similar is the case for the student population. Therefore, this time period can be utilized to gain a new skill that can be beneficial for the future. Not only can it be an addition in your CV, but you also gain expertise that would increase your proficiency and accomplishments. Hence, given below are online courses and certifications for accounting. These are courses and certifications for learners as well as experts. Also if you are interested in having a job in finance, you can check out our compilation of Top 10 Finance Courses after School.


1.  Financial Accounting

In this course, you learn to demonstrate technical proficiency in using double-entry techniques. At the end of this course, you would gain the skills of preparing financial statements, how to report, process, and record business transactions along with how to identify, balance, and correct errors.

The key factors of this course are:

  • Drafting financial reports
  • Qualitative characteristics of financial information
  • Usages of double-entry and accounting
  • Recording transactions and events
  • How to formulate a trial balance
  • How to make basic financial statements for merged and autonomous entities
  • How to understand and make simple combined financial statements

Duration: 10 weeks, 5 hours per week.

Fees: Free (without certificate)
89 USD (with certificate)

Course Website: edX

Language: English

2. Practical Accounts Training A

In this course, you would master the technique of how to use practice procedures in Accounting Firms. helps you learn about various business documents. Within this, you would learn all the major topics related to accounts, tax returns, charts, and assets. Hence, this course would need more time investment as compared to the other courses.

The key factors of this course are:

  1. Identifying and Interpreting various business documents
  2. Recording 80 types of transactions, which also includes the yearend adjustments.
  3. Identify and Interpret 95 Periodic & Year-End Reports
  4. Developing a deeper understanding of accounting

Duration: 31 Hours and 21 minutes

Fees: Free (without certificate)

           Rs. 420 (with certificate and other features)

Course Website: Udemy

Language: English

3. Accounting for Decision Making

If you are planning to be an expert manager and perform efficiently in your field, this is the course for you. In short, this is a basic course that provides study material regarding the decision-making process in financial accounting. After this course, you can plan and study ahead to become a certified public accountant or a chartered account. For this. you can take online accounting courses with Exambazaar.

The key factors of this course are:

  1. Mechanics of Financial Accounting
  2. Reading Financial Statements
  3. Financial Statement Analysis
  4. Product Costing
  5. Cost Analysis for Decision Making
  6. Budgeting and variance analysis

Duration: 7 weeks, for 3 – 5 hours

Fees: Free (without certificate)

           150 USD (with certificate and other features)

Course Website: edX

Language: Hindi and English


4. Forensic Accounting and Fraud Examination

We all know the story of Vijay Mallya and how he did fraud with his company, Kingfisher. If you are someone, who is interested in knowing more about fraud cases like Vijay Mallya’s, then this is a course for you. In this course, you will learn about who commits a fraud, how they commit it and why they commit it.

The key factors of this course are:

  1. Fraud detection skills
  2. Internal Control
  3. Fraud Investigation
  4. Cyber-Crime and Money Laundering: Contemporary Tools and Techniques
  5. Forensic Accounting

Duration: 7 hours

Fees: Free (without certificate)

           29-99 USD (with certificate and other features)

Course Website: Coursera

Language: Chinese and English

Accounting is a subject that has its own fan base. If you are someone who is good with numbers and like reading and analyzing the figures, then you should surely go for these courses. You can explore more courses on Coursera, edX, Udemy, Khan Academy, etc. There is a lot of content available online and a lot of things to learn. These were just a few unique courses to dive into this season. We hope that you found what you were looking for. We wish you happy learning!

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