Why Accounting is a Good Career Path

Have you ever asked yourself what career path do you want to take up? There are a lot of great career paths that you can choose from when you go to college. But can you say that this is the “one?” Well, Let us talk about this “one” career path which could end up being the best choice for you: Accounting.

Accounting is actually considered a “safe” career path for a lot of professionals out there. Not only does it ensure you an employment spot, but it also guarantees you a good pay check at the end of the day. Given these two reasons, let us dive deep into why we can consider accounting as both a safe and an excellent choice for a career path.

Demand on Accountants is Growing Rapidly

We all know that there is no guarantee that you can love a job that easily even if you have a degree. The competition out there is really difficult, and every professional out there is fighting for a slot at a company they want to be in. But, with the rapid growth of the economy, it does entail that money flow will grow as well. With that being said, it is worth saying that there is also a very high demand for accountants.

Every business, especially the big ones, will require accounting teams that would be handling all of their finances. These teams would usually contain about a hundred employees especially if we are talking about large corporations. Therefore, it is safe to assume that the demand for accountant will be significantly high even in the upcoming years to come.

Promotion Opportunities

In every company or business, it is really important to have networking connections. As a financial accountant, it would be easier to get these types of connections. With the skills you have gained from college accounting skills and professional education, you can get connections in a breeze.

With these connections, it will help you grow from an entry level accountant to various high ranking positions. These positions may be a Budget Analyst, Business Analyst, Auditor, or even a Corporate Financing Officer. With this in mind, why wouldn’t you consider taking up accounting as a career path.

The Pay is Good

Due to the tasks being done in this profession, the expected salary for an entry level accountant is really high. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the reported median annual range for both accountants and auditors is around $70500. The salary figure that was given may vary depending on the accountant’s experience, the company’s size, and many other factors.  Location may also be a factor when it comes to higher pay. Since bigger companies are usually in metropolitan areas, it is expected that the pay for accountants in these areas are high.

Has the Ability to Make Own Business

This usually happens after accountants gain a lot of experience when they are in the field of work. When accounts gain both experience and connections from inside the company, they use these to their advantage and try to create their own business. 

Their business usually deals with what they know like for example, they can start a consulting agency when it comes to tax accounting, registration, and representation. The options are limitless when it comes to financial affairs.

Your Profession is Respected for Integrity and Ethics

When people learn that you are an accountant, they will always think highly of you. They know that accountants are respected business professionals. You are an advisor who is known to be trustworthy since you are handling business decisions that would need to test your integrity at all times.

Continuous Learning

In the world of accounting, regulations are always changing. Not only is that the case, but the technology being used in accounting is also evolving in time. Because of this, accountants in their profession are expected to learn all of these things. Also, if you become a CPA or an accountant in Newcastle, you should comply with all the continuing changes in the accounting world.

These are only some of the reasons why accounting is a good career path. It would set you up for great success in life.


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