Why Immigrants Contribute to the Growth of Businesses in the US

Immigrants contribution in US Economy

Immigrants play a huge role when it comes to entrepreneurship. In the United States, for instance, while they only make 13 percent of the population, the immigrants represent 27.5 percent of all entrepreneurs. And not just in the US, immigrants contribute largely to entrepreneurship in many other nations around the world. 

Immigrants contribute more to United States businesses compared to native-born citizens. But immigrants are not just contributing to entrepreneurship, they are doing so in more successful ways.


Businesses created by immigrants are able to employ more people compared to businesses owned by native US citizens. These businesses grow at a faster rate and have higher chances of surviving long term compared to native-owned businesses.

For instance, immigrants contributed about $2 trillion to the economy of the United States in 2015-16. Among the entrepreneurial groups that make a remarkable impact on the US economy are Indians in the USA.

While researchers are yet to establish the actual reason behind this trend, the fact that those people can leave their families behind and move around the world might mean that they are more tolerant and determined.

However, not all immigrants are the same. There’s obviously a reasonable variability between people. But many of the qualities that are likely to make immigrants become successful entrepreneurs are reasons that would make businesses want to hire them. They include:

A Growth Mindset

You can rarely succeed in any business without having a growth mindset. An individual with a growth mindset does not believe in limits. They believe they can achieve more by employing good strategies, working harder, and taking input from other people.

This way, they usually tend to do better than those with a fixed mindset. The growth mindset is what makes people push for more.

Immigrants are willing to leave their normal lives in search of something better that can change their lives. To migrate to another country requires confidence and a high degree of tolerance. It also requires the ability to figure things out and adapt to new ways of doing things.

Being accommodative of new challenges is essential for the long term success of a business. Companies that do not constantly adapt to changes in society and advances in technology see their businesses fail over time. Competitors with new and better ways of running businesses usually replace them.

For a business to grow, you should view change as imperative and not optional. Immigrants who are agents of change are helping businesses to thrive and remain competitive.


Adaptation skills are required to survive and thrive in a new environment. After migrating to a new country, especially one with a new culture, the need for change is a continuous requirement. 

This explains why even immigrants coming from privileged or wealthy backgrounds in their home countries tend to lose their sense of entitlement when in a foreign country. Adapting to a new culture and environment can be a painful experience.

It is also a difficult process that takes place on a continuous basis. It requires a person to reexamine the familiar and to make changes in how they think and act.

And since adaptation is necessary for the success of businesses, hiring immigrants can go a long way in building the company’s muscle of adaptability that can make your organization become more receptive to the ever-changing business environment.

Global Preparedness

Another overlooked benefit that immigrants bring to businesses is their internal experience. While knowledge of other languages and cultures might seem invaluable for a business operating internally, for a business to thrive it reaches a point where it has to expend beyond their home country. And since many businesses have an online presence, they are global from the onset.

As a business owner, you should be prepared to handle global businesses from the start. This way, when the time comes to go global, it will be a smooth and painless experience.

Individuals who bring experience from different countries and cultures can help a company from experiencing such pains, and help the company learn quickly how to adapt to the global business environment.

Diversity and Inclusion

Immigrants bring unique experiences, knowledge, and backgrounds to the workplace. They also improve a company’s linguistic and ethnic diversity. Firms with more diverse staff perform better than those with teams comprising of more similar people.

But hiring more diverse people is not all. You need to give them equal chances to participate and integrate them into the running of the business.

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