Process Costing MCQs


Process Costing MCQs quiz is prepared for the students to test their knowledge and clear their concepts. This may also be helpful to prepare objective exam and interviews. Process costing multiple choice question quiz consists of 9 questions with 4 options as the answer. Students need to select the correct option to proceed to the next question.

Take the quick MCQs test for the Process Costing chapter below. If you feel difficulty to answer the questions we advise you to read the Process Costing article thoroughly from the Cost Accounting Explanation section.

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1. The monetary value attributed to normal losses in a process should be:


2. Details for the past month of a continuous process are:


4. Where process scrap is recycled for use in conjunction with new material as well as being so externally, which of. the following is most likely to be the value at which is debited to the process?


5. Which of the following is the best explanation of the relevance of equivalent production units in process costing?


7. The physical flow of units into and out of departments is shown on the:


8. Purchased materials are added in the second department of a three-department process; this increases
the number of units produced in the second department and would always:


9. An equivalent unit of material or conversion cost is equal to:



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