Procedure for Receiving of Materials


Materials ordered are supplied to the Receiving Department which is required to unpack the goods and is also required to verify the same with the help of (a) the copy of the purchase order, (b) delivery challan received from the transport agency or the supplier, and (c) the invoice or the bill. The verification results may be recorded in Materials Received Report. A minimum of three copies must be prepared. The Original Copy is sent to the Stores Department, the duplicate one to the Accounts Department and the third one to be retained for records.

But it is a usual practice that five copies of Material receiving Report is prepared. The fourth one is sent to the production department. the fifth one is utilized by the store department. The Stores Department uses this copy for its inspection section. the following is the Format/Specimen proforma of Materials Received Report.

Format/Specimen of Material Received Report

Procedure for receiving of materials - Specimen-Format of Receiving report

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