What is Material Requisition?

Whenever certain materials are required in a production department, it has to prepare a Materials Requisition. Materials Requisition or ‘Requisition Slip‘ or ‘Materials Requisition Note‘ can be defined as “a document which authorizes and records the issue of material for use “.

In other words, Materials Requisition is a document which is used for drawing materials from the stores and signifies the quantity and quality of materials required and the job No. or work order for which it is required. Materials Requisition is to be signed by the foreman of the department or the works manager to accord it proper authenticity with regard to the requirement of materials for a particular job or work order. In other words, it is an authorization to the store-keeper to issue the quantity and quality of materials specified in the Materials Requisition or Requisition Slip.

After receiving the Materials Requisition, the store-keeper issues the materials to the job and enters the same in the appropriate Bin Card. The signature of the person receiving the materials against the Materials Requisition from the stores must also be obtained by the store-keeper on it.

Specimen/Format of Material Requisition Form

A specimen of the Materials Requisition form is given below:

Format of Material Requisition Form

The rate and amount of the materials are entered in the Materials Requisition by the Costing Office. The Materials Requisition is prepared in duplicate. One copy is sent to the store-keeper and another is retained by the department which initiates it, for future reference.

Gate Pass

Gate pass is a document issued in the name of authority receiving materials from the stores department. It is prepared by the store-keeper. The gate pass issued by the store-keeper authorizes the security officer of the stores department to allow the specified person to carry the specified materials out of the store.

The specimen of a gate pass is given below:

Gate Pass Format

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