What is Material Return Note?

Usually, materials obtained for a particular job are not consumed fully or are drawn in excess of requirements. The excess quantity is returned to the stores together with a Material Return Note. The
materials should kept by the store-keeper in appropriate Bin and entered in the ‘In’ or ‘Received’ column of the Bin Card.

Format of Material Return Note

Format of Material Return Note

The ‘Material Return Note’ is prepared in duplicate. One copy is retained by job returning the materials and other is kept by the store-keeper who gets it along with materials returned. It may be pointed out here that there is a considerable similarity between ‘Material Return Note’ and ‘Material Requisition’. In order to avoid the confusion, ‘Material Return Note‘ may be issued in red ink or printed on paper of different color.

The Material Return Note is forwarded to the costing office where the rate and amount are entered and necessary credit for value of materials return is given to the particular job.

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