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Some manufacturing concerns prefer to transfer finished goods from factory to warehouse at a marked up price. This is arrived at by adding a certain pre-set margin (called Manufacturing Profit) to the Production Cost. When preparing the Income Statement, it is the enhanced Cost of Production, which is taken into account to compute the Cost of Goods Sold. The reason for this practice is two-fold:

  • Goods are transferred to Trading Account at a value which the business would have paid had these goods been bought from other manufacturers instead of manufacturing itself. This ensures that the Trading Account shows a more realistic gross trading profit or loss.
  • The Manufacturing Profit, i.e. the excess of transfer value of goods manufactured over their actual production cost, represents the savings the company is making by manufacturing the goods itself instead of buying them from outside.

The methods for arriving at the rate to be used for marking up the production cost are beyond the scope of our discussion in this article. However, given the rate for marking up the production cost; the
accounting treatment would be as follows:

Debit    Manufacturing Account
Credit   Profit & Loss Account
with the amount of markup added to production cost, i.e. the manufacturing profit.

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The effect of the above entry would be to increase the production cost, thereby reducing the gross profit disclosed by the Trading Account. At the same time, by crediting the Profit and Loss Account by the amount of manufacturing profit, the figure of net profit is kept unaffected.


Basic facts as for the example given in Trading account of a manufacturing concern. Now assume that finished goods are transferred from factory to warehouse at production cost plus a 10% manufacturing profit. Show the relevant statements.


manufacturing statement

income statement


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