General journal – Fill in the blanks

1. is the initial book used for recording all transactions.

2. Another name of the general journal is .

3. The process of recording transactions in the general journal is termed as .

4. is the entry that has more than one debits or more than one credits.

5. A brief description put below each journal entry is termed as .

6. A correct of business transaction is required to make a correct journal entry.

7. The abbreviation P.R used in general journal stands for .

8. Goods sold in the course of trading are called .

9. If the goods are sold on account, is debited.

10. If the salary is paid to clerk by check, the account will be credited.

11. Sales return are also known as .

12. is a reduction in list price which is not recorded in the books of accounts.

13. is offered by sellers to encourage buyers to make payments before due date.

14. Cash discount received is an income of the business and is, therefore, while making journal entry.

15. Cash discount allowed is of the business and is therefore debited while making journal entry.

16. Paid $980 cash to a creditor in full settlement of his account of $1,000. The discount received account will be credited by .

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