Double Entry Bookkeeping MCQs Quiz

Double Entry Bookkeeping MCQs will be helpful for the students of accounting and finance to prepare themselves for their exams and interviews. If you are feeling hard to answer the questions, we strongly recommend you to read our “Double Entry Bookkeeping” sections thoroughly. Let’s Start the MCQs test below:

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1. In simple words, happening of something is called:


2. Those events which are related with money are called:


3. Those events which are not related with money are called:


4. A dealing between two persons are parties for a particular thing is called:


5. The transaction which involves business and a second outside party is called:


6. A transaction which does not include an outside party is called:


7. Double Entry Accounting System may be defined as:


9. Accounting equation may be expressed as:


10. One of the following is not a transaction.


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