Bond Indentures

What do you mean by bond indentures? Bond indentures are those written agreements that bondholders often insist upon, including restrictions as to dividends, working capital, and the issuance of additional long-term debt.

Bank Statement Definition

What is the bank statement? Bank statement is a monthly statement which the bank prepares and mails to the depositor; the statement lists the beginning balance in the account, all deposits received, checks paid, other debits (charges) and credit (receipts), and the ending balance in the account.


What is the meaning of Business? Definition Any legal activity undertaken to earn a profit is called business. Example Manufacturing Business. Trading Business. Business of Providing Services.

Business function cost

The sum of all costs (such as variable costs and fixed costs) in a particular business function. Business functions include research and development, product design, manufacturing. marketing, distribution, and customer service is called business function cost.

Break-even time (BET)

Break-even time (BET) can be defined as Capital budgeting method that measures the time taken from the start of a project (the initial idea date) to when the cumulative the present value of the cash inflows of a project to equal the present value of the total cash outflows.