Financial Changes Definition

What is meant by “Financial Changes”? The changes in the net working capital from other than operating transactions, such as the sale or purchase of noncurrent assets are called financial changes.

Foreign currency transactions definition

What are foreign currency transactions? Transactions that are denominated in foreign currency. For example, a U.S. firm makes a sale to an overseas firm and agrees to accept payment in foreign currency, or a purchase is made from an overseas firm and payment must be made in the foreign currency.

Fully Diluted EPS Definition

Fully diluted eps? – Definition Fully Diluted EPS is the net income available to common shareholders as calculated by the weighted average number of common shares outstanding, plus all dilutive securities, whether or not they are considered common stock equivalents. How to calculate Fully Diluted EPS? Fully diluted EPS is calculated by dividing net income …

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Future value of an annuity

What is the Future Value of an Annuity? The amount of a series of payments or receipts taken to a future date at a specified interest rate is called the future value of an annuity. Explanation An annuity is a series of equal payments made at specified intervals. Interest is compounded on each of these …

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FOB Shipping Point

What is meant by FOB Shipping Point? FOB Shipping Point is the terms sale in which legal title to the goods transfers from the seller to the buyer when those goods leave the seller’s warehouse, and as a result, the buyer pays the freight charges.

FOB Destination

What is meant by the accounting term FOB Destination? Definition FOB Destination is the terms of the sale in which the legal title of the goods not pass until they reach the buyer’s receiving point. and as a result, the seller pays the freight.

Full Disclosure Principle Definition

What is the Full Disclosure Principle? Full Disclosure Principle is an accounting convention requiring that a firm’s financial statement provide users with all relevant information about the various transactions in which a firm has been involved.

Full cost

Full cost is the sum of all the costs in all the business function (research and development, product design, manufacturing, marketing, distribution, and customer service).

Flexible-budget variance

Flexible-budget variance is the difference between actual results and the flexible budget amounts for the actual output achieved. Also called, for brevity, budget variance.

Financial planning model

Mathematical statement of the relationships among all the operating activities, financial activities, and other major internal and external factors that may affect decisions is called Financial planning model.

Financial accounting

Financial accounting can be defined as the focuses on how accounting can serve external decision makers. Heavily constrained by generally accepted accounting principles. Contrast with management accounting.