Bank reconciliation statement MCQs quiz

Students can take the bank reconciliation statement multiple-choice questions (MCQs) quiz that we have prepared to test their knowledge about BRS concepts. This quiz may be helpful for the students to prepare them for their objective quiz and interviews. The BRS MCQs Test is consists of 10 Questions, every question has four options as answer and students need to choose the correct one.

If there is any difficulty to choose the right answer, we advise you to go to the Financial Accounting explanation section of Play Accounting and read “Bank Reconciliation Statement Chapter” thoroughly.

Let’s start the Bank Reconciliation Statement MCQs Quiz below:

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1. Statement that explain the causes of difference between cash book and bank statement is called:


2. Bank Reconciliation Statement is prepared by:


3. A statement which is used to reconcile the bank balance as per cash book and bank statement is called:


4. Customer’s copy of the account provided by the bank to the depositor to record deposits and withdrawals is called:


5. Bank Statement is kept by:


6. Bank Statement is prepared by:


7. Bank reconciliation statement is a:


8. A copy of customer’s account in the bank’s ledger is called:


9. Bank statement is prepared in the books of:


10. Cheques issued but not presented in the bank are called:


11. Bank Reconciliation Statement is prepared by the banker.


12. Debit balance of Pass Book is an unfavorable balance.


13. Credit balance of Cash Book is a favorable balance.


14. Bank Balance as per bank statement is shown in the Balance Sheet, at the end of the year.


15. Bank Reconciliation Statement is prepared at the end of the accounting year only.


16. Only those items are recorded in the Bank Reconciliation Statement that cause a difference in Balance of Cash Book and Pass Book.


17. Bank Conciliation Statement can be started with Cash Book Balance only.


18. Two search causes of difference, debit side of Cash Book (Bank Column) is compared with the credit column of Bank Statement and vice versa.


19. Un-ticked items on the Credit side of Cash Book represent “Uncredited cheques”.


20. Cash Book and Bank Statement show _______ Balance.


21. When bank balance increases, it is debited in _______ and credited in ________.


22. Any decrease in the bank balance is recorded on ______ side of Cash Book and in _______ Column of Pass Book.


23. _________ balance of Cash Book and ________ balance of Pass Book is known as favorable balance.


24. Withdrawals are recorded in the ______ column of the Pass Book.


25. Bank Reconciliation statement provides mechanism of _________ over Cash.


26. Amount of unpresented cheques is _________ in Bank Reconciliation Statement.


27. All amounts credited by bank, but not recorded in Cash Book are _________ in BRS.


28. Amount of any items due to which Cash Book shows more balance that Pass Book balance, are _______ in BRS and vice versa.


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