Bills of Exchange MCQs quiz

We have prepared the Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) quiz for the chapter “Bills of Exchange” for the students to test their understandings. This MCQs quiz will also be helpful to prepare for their exams, interviews and to clear their concepts. The Bills of exchange MCQs quiz consists of 10 multiple choice questions. Students need to choose the correct option for every question. While taking the quiz if there is any problem to choose the correct answer we advise to thoroughly read the Bills of exchange chapter from the explanation section of Play Accounting.

Let’s start the Bills of exchange MCQs quiz:

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1. A bill promise contains:


2. The acceptor of bill of exchange is called:


3. The act of transferring the bill from one person to another is called:


4. The period of time after which a bill becomes payable, is called:


5. Bills Receivable Book is a part of:


6. The formal certificate of dishonoring the bill, issued by notary public is called:


7. Accommodation bill is drawn:


8. A promissory note contains:


9. No. of parties in promissory note are:


10. Kite-flying or kiting in accommodation bill is:


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