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We have added Business Communication MCQs with answers for the students of Business, Accounting and Finance. This Multiple Choice Questions test consists of 40 questions with 4 options each. This test will be helpful to check your command on Business Communication subject and to prepare yourself for your exams, assignments and interviews.

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1. Monthly Market Report is an analysis of business done during the:


2. In claim letter the initial statement should contain:


3. A standing committee is one that operates permanently:


4. Classification of report is:


5. _____ includes investigation of an issue or problem or Calculation of financial ratios or a company.


6. Prefatory parts are ____ in number.


7. There are ___ basic parts of a formal report.


8. _______ are usually short messages with natural, casual use of language.


9. Sales letter starts with:


10. Circular letters are used:


11. Complaint letter should be called_____.


12. Letter refusing adjustment is written when:


13. Task force is _____ after solving a specific problem, assigned to them.


14. Which writing style characterizes the memos?


15. ______ letter is the reply to a complaint.


16. In the claim letter, the initial statement should contain:


17. In circular letter personal interest is created by using the word ________.


18. Minutes, which tell more of the story of what happened and who said what at a meeting are?


19. Another name of a synopsis is:


20. _________ are routine reports prepared at regular time interval-daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually.


21. Collection letter should be written with the assumption that most of the people will:


22. There are ______ kinds of Sales letters.


23. Reports, which show “progress,” accomplishments, or activities over time or at a given stage of a major assignment are known as ______.


24. The role of the Chairman as a Committee Member is:


25. Letter reports are of _______ types.


26. The place where we go to buy or sell commodities is commonly known as _______.


27. Weekly market report gives the condition of the commodities for the past _________.


28. Collection letter should be:


29. ___________ are usually short messages with natural, casual use of language.


30. __________ include investigation of an issue or problem or calculation of financial ratios of a company.


31. Written summary of a meeting’s business is called:


32. ________ letter is the reply to complaint.


33. Collection letter are usually written in:


34. A ____ Proposal is usually academic in nature.


35. Memorandum is used to:


36. Solicited Sales letters are written:


37. Organizations hiring hundreds of new employees every year must adopt a more ______ towards the recruiting process.


38. Screening stage, _______ stage and final stage are the three stages of interview process.


39. Which one of the following is not part of five stages of negotiation.


40. The keys to write a successful resume are:


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