Capital and revenue expenditures multiple choice questions (MCQs)

This Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) quiz for Chapter Capital and revenue expenditures consists of 15 questions. Each question has 4 answers from which you need to choose the correct one. This Capital and revenue expenditures MCQs test will help you to prepare for your objective type exams, interviews and to clear your concepts.

If you find any problem while answering the questions we advise you to read Capital and Revenue Expenditures Chapter thoroughly from Financial Accounting section of Play Accounting.

Let’s Take the Capital and Revenue Expenditures MCQs Test:

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1. Transactions that have long term effects in business are called:


2. Long term transactions are also called:


3. Which one is a capital transaction?


4. Expenditures incurred to acquire fixed assets:


5. Expenditures which provide benefit in future period are called:


6. An expenditure is a Capital expenditure because:


7. An expenditure which is non-recurring and irregular is called:


8. Purchases of Machinery is a:


9. Freight paid on machinery purchased is a:


10. Carriage paid on the purchase of furniture is a:


11. Expenses incurred in purchasing land property represents:


12. Legal expenses incurred to purchase land:


13. Expenditure incurred to improve the assets:


14. Expenses incurred to bring the fixed assets at working place are:


15. Carriage, freight, Octroi duty, customs duty, clearing charges, dock dues and excise duty paid on machinery are examples of:


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