Labour Costing MCQs

We have prepared the Labour Costing MCQs quiz for the students to get clear their concepts. This quiz may also be helpful for their objective exams and to prepare themselves for job interviews. Labour Costing MCQs quiz consists of 7 questions with 4 options for each question. Students need to choose the correct answer.

Below you can take Labour Costing multiple-choice questions quiz.

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1. The wages paid to a joiner who constructs a wooden mould for concrete laying on a building contract should be as:


2. Overtime premium pay may be correctly defined as:


3. Vacation pay for factory workers should be charged to:


4. Labor turnover rate is best defined as:


5. Which of the following method of remuneration is most likely to give stability of labor cost of the employer:


6. Which of the following is the most relevant use of the clock card:


7. Which of the following is usually prepared daily by employees for each job worked on:


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