Introduction to Business MCQs

In this test, we have added 25 MCQs for introduction to business and business ethics. This test will be helpful for the students of accounting and finance to check their exam preparations. In this quiz, Introduction to Business MCQs, every question has 4 options from which students need to choose 1 option to go to the next question. Start the text below.

Introduction to Business Multiple-choice Questions with Answers

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1. Wages are paid for:


2. Which of the following is false?


3. Which of the following is NOT a secondary industry?


4. Industry is further divided into ______ kinds.


5. Primary industry divided further in to:


6. Secondary industry is divided further in to:


7. All of the following statements are true regarding partnerships except________.


8. Marketing should and all assets begin with ________.


9. Which one of the countries has a more collectivist culture?


10. New and revised products may be tested through:


11. In which of the following do two or more organizations collaborate on a project for mutual gain?


12. When a manager focuses on making whatever products are easy to produce, and then trying to sell them, that manager has a ______ orientation.


13. _____ refers to the standards of moral behavior.


14. _____ is the process of locating, identifying, and attracting capable applicants.


15. Which of the following is EXCLUDED from the advantages of sole proprietorship?


16. _______ is the combination of a product’s qualities and features, its price, the way it is promoted and sold, and the places at which it is sold.


17. _____ is the typical sequence of changes in demand for a product that occurs over time.


18. Key controllable factors in global marketing are:


19. Which of the following is/are the components of business?


20. First stage in evaluation of business:


21. Which of the following business type has longest lifetime?


22. Which of the following business type, has to pay double taxes to the government?


23. _____includes the rules and regulations, necessary to manage the internal affairs of the company.


24. General information like the apportionment, election and powers of directors, voting rights and transfer of shares mention in_____.


25. To call the extraordinary meeting, how many days’ notice is required?


26. Which of the following is the source of acquiring redeemable capital?


27. The following person cannot make a petition to the court to get an order for winding up of a company.


28. Which of the following is the disadvantage of modified schedules and alternative workplace?


29. Among different managerial styles, which of the following allows most rapid decision making?


30. ______ is the process of motivating others to work to meet specific objectives.



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