Worksheet MCQs

We have prepared MCQs test for Worksheet Chapter that may be helpful for students to clear their concepts about Worksheet topic. There is 10 MCQs in this Test. All questions have 4 answers, you need to choose the correct one. If you find any difficulty to answer these questions please go to our Explanation section labeled ‘Financial Accounting’ from the top horizontal menu and read Worksheet Chapter thoroughly. Let’s start Worksheet MCQs below:

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1. A large columnar working sheet for the accountants, to analyze the financial data for the preparation of financial statements at the end of accounting period is called:


2. A working paper of accountants, prepared with lead pencil is called:


3. Worksheet consists of total:


4. Worksheet contains:


5. Worksheet is extremely useful for:


6. A worksheet is a convenient device to prepare:


7. A worksheet is a:


8. Amounts in trial balance column of worksheet are recorded directly from:


9. Which one of the following is not the permanent record of accounting?


10. Worksheet is:


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